Odoo 14 Functional Course

Odoo 14 Functional Course

Odoo Functional Training
Odoo Functional Training will be provided to you by Odoo Domain Experts.

500.00 SR
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500.00 SR
Last Update 02/04/2021
Completion Time 1 day 8 hours 11 minutes
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Odoo.sh - Longer branch view

Developers first

Tightly integrated with GitHub.

$ git branch
* production
$ git merge staging-1
$ git push
To git@github.com:odoo/odoo.git
* b70ca1f..7a0aa41 production -> production
# Production server being updated...

Discover the Official Odoo Hosting

your all-in-one platform.

PaaS + IaaS: The full stack platform

Out of the box.

Database replication

Live replication of all data,
ensures no data is lost.

Staging servers

To test new features
with your own data.

Backup servers

Daily incremental backups
on 3 different servers.

Automated testing

Every commit is deployed
and tested instantly.

SSH access

Shell access to dev, staging
and production containers.

DNS & routes

Configure custom routes
and let us handle DNS.

Email gateways

Unlimited email gateways,
auto configured.

24/7 monitoring

Odoo monitors and maintains
all your servers for you.

Top notch hosting

Perfectly optimized installation,
great hardware.

Your own runbot

Test each feature-branch
in a click.

Enterprise grade release cycle.

Your workflow. Effortless.

Unlimited for development branches.

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    • Understanding HR and payroll
    • Accounting and Costing
    • CRM Management
    • Manufacturing
    • Project management and Timesheet
  • taxes
    • Project manager