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Deom is a digital marketplace that delivers software to you at the blink of an eye. Deom stocks multitudes of applications and subsystems that are needed today, and necessary for most private companies, the government sector, and institutions of all sizes. Our platform enables its users to choose and manage the products they need without prior technical expertise, while maintaining cost effectiveness by eliminating the costs of licenses for the product (the number of users, the number of systems specific to the product and the costs of hosting).

Only need to pay once! Choose a plan that fits your needs, search and elect your items, complete your purchase, and immediately download your application or subsystem with the full features and a full-service installation process. In addition, we provide you with on-going support and customer service for storage, data migration, knowledge transfer or training, and software development.

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Deom was designed to be easy to use, fast and easy downloads all while very providing a secure environment for all who access the platform from any sector or industry.