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Intermediate Cambridge PET English

160.00 SR
160.0 SAR 160.00 SR
160.00 SR

12 UNITS, 84 hours (64 main course, 20 revision) 

Pre-Intermediate (A2+)

This is an Intermediate + course based on the Cambridge PET Exam. Your English should be Pre-Intermediate (A2+) before doing this course.

You will study vocabulary (600 + pictures), as well as sayings and idioms, plus grammar (all main structures, all explained and easy to learn). 

You will also work on improving your English skills for reading, writing, speaking and listening with 'real life' audio recordings, articles and dialogues. In addition, there is a section for exam practice with help and advice and practice exercises to improve your exam skills.

This course also comes with revision exercises for both vocabulary and grammar, helping you train your memory and improve your level of English. With our state-of-the-art course and memory training technology, what you learn you quickly master. Practice makes perfect.

And all of this online so you can study when you want, where you want. Learning made easy!