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OET Medicine - Doctors

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10 UNITS, 70 hours (50 main course, 20 revision) 

ENTRY LEVEL : Upper Intermediate

This is a self-study standalone course for OET Medicine - Doctors, designed specifically for medical professionals taking the exam qualification.

Designed by expert OET Medical tutors, our OET Medicine - Doctors course includes listening, reading, speaking, writing and in-depth work on key medical vocabulary and grammar. Easy-to-follow instructions help you focus on the exact areas you need to work on. You will get OET Medical exam tips and advice, plus tried-and-tested OET Materials and individual progress reports. You will also receive extra revision exercises to do outside of the main course to help train your memory (20+ hours of revision). So what you learn you can easily remember and so master.

Written by experienced OET Medical and English Language professionals, checked by healthcare professionals and backed by state-of-the-art course technology, your chances of passing the OET exam just got better!